We are located in Georgetown, about 40 miles north of Austin,  at the edge of the beautiful hill country of Central Texas.

Here at The Hartman Ranch, we specialize in Full blood red, paint, and spotted Boer goats that follow the standards of the original South African Boers.

Our animals are bred naturally and every breeding is carefully planned using the best genetics available to produce outstanding kids with color.  We occasionally line breed to keep our most valued traits strong.

Our requirements are heavy weaning weights and correct conformation... the color of the coat is NEVER our first priority.  Our kids need to wean in excess of 60 lbs at 12 weeks and our buck kids need to reach 200 lbs plus by their first birthday. 

Our goats are always maintained on pastures, except when kidding or showing.

Our reputation is what we value most and we will not sell inferior goats off the ranch.  We will not sell a breeding buck if we would not use it in our program. 

Our animals are guaranteed to produce.


Genetics include:   Ruger, Copperhead, T4 Scorpio, Mojo Magic , Renoir, Outback Jack, 

Choc-o-lot, AK 47, CSB Ruger Reloaded, EGGS tra Teflon, Pai Bak, Mr Freckles, Coppertox.

We are heavily influenced by Lazy st Ranch, Bon Joli Farms and EGGS genetics. 

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